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Man I really need to get it together.

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I am the vine with the girl sayin nu uh its too much i can’t do it then proceeding to get in the car w| the nigga right now

Sep 21, 2014

Anonymous said: How he gon reach out? I'm sure you have him blocked

Lmaooooo. This is gunna be interesting

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My gd anxiety spiking & shit.

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Anonymous said: Just laughing at you missing "him" but not reaching out

I’m gunna reach out to someone who lied to me & played me? Who had me travel through 3 states to see him to then fuck me then proceed to make leave the same day. Who told me they loved me & was in love w| me to only neglect me & abandon me? Then say “Lets move on”

I won’t reach out cause thats wtf I’m gunna do. Move on. He obviously doesnt give af about me so I’m not exuding anymore energy on him. Of he wanna talk he know where to find me

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I am not a cocky person


But I am confident in myself and respect myself too much to let ANYONE disrespect me.

I’ve come too far.

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Sep 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Lol


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You are so fake


Acting like i aint tryna snuggle w| you. I see you out here Jahi

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